About Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo
In my childhood, I was very fond of the Puri beach. My father used to accompany me there. It was then that I came across the artwork on sand for the first time. It was awesome and is still fresh in my mind. The beauty and excellence of those figures on sand inspired me to learn it. My grandfather Sri Kartik Sahoo was an artist. He was skilled in various arts. His art had a tremendous influence on me. Even though he had died long before I was born, I think there was some connection beyond sanguine relationship. My elder brother loved to draw the pictures of Hanuman. And initially, I tried to imitate him and later joined Sandhya Art School.
Our teacher there was Devendra Dash. He was famous for water color painting. He graduated from Santiniketan decades ago. Presently, I am pursuing Fine Arts, web designing, photography, etc. We participated in ‘India’s Got Talent Khoj-2′. Even if, it was a challenge to compete with the best talents of the country and to demonstrate our skills before such a huge audience, the appreciation we received from the audience and inspirations from the judges paved our way to the finals.
It is ‘India’s Got Talent Khoj-2′ that gave us the platform and the opportunity to come to the limelight. In the show competition we participated as a group. Normally sand animation is a solo performance and it was indeed very difficult to do it in a group. After our success in ‘India’s Got Talent Khoj-2′, we got offer to participate in various International events, among them was ‘Dubai International Talent Hunt- 2011′. We were invited by The King of Dubai to demonstrate our skill in sand animation. We were successfully made our way to the final. Latter, we achieved a series of successes in Corporate and entertainment sector. I have been practicing making sand sculptures for the last twenty years, and sand animation for last six years. I have participated in many national and international events and competitions. In 2001, I won the 3rd position in International Sand Sculpture Competition held in Cerbia, Italy.
At that time I was 20 years old and I had to compete with many experienced and people who are much older than me. In that competition the organizer announced the winners in Italian. I could hear him calling my name first. I thought I had got the first prize, but soon realized that they had invited the winner of the third prize to be on the stage first. It was a funny experience.
Today, sand art is increasingly gaining popularity. Many big corporate houses like BMW, Mercedes, ALSTOM, Yahoo, Bosch LG, Serco etc are promoting their products through sand art and sand animation. It is certainly a great pleasure for us to work for world famous companies. I also had the opportunity to work for Star Plus for the serial Satyameva Jayate and my art was highly appreciated by Aamir khan. I have also worked for Zee TV for the serial Sobha Somnath Ki.